Isaak Delle Due Donne

Dina Van De Donauhoeve

latest news:
  • 21-11-2014: Matrix died at 18 months due to a intestinal hemorrhage. R.I.P. dear friend.
  • 8-1-2012: Hoogstraten, KM Vanden Bosch:
    • Jada: 1Ex, CAC-CACIB, BOB, selected with 10 best dogs of group 2!
    • Idjentho: 1Ex, RCAC-RCACIB
  • 18-122011: Brussels Dog Show, Judge Rob Douma:
    • Idjentho: IEx, RCAC-RCACIB
    • Jada: 1Ex, RCAC-RCACIB
    • Ioko: 1EX
    • JeanLoewie: 1EX
    • Konan: 1VP
    • Kyta: 3VP
  • 03-09-2011: FCI Centenary European Dogshow, Leeuwarden (NL), judge females: Mrs. P. Heikkinen-Lehkonen (FIN); judge males: Mr. C. de Giuliani (It)
    • Jada: 1 Ex, best youth dog, RCAC, FCI Centenary European Dog Show Junior Winster (EJW'11), Dutch youth Champion
    • Jada: 1 Ex, RCAC
    • Isaak: 1 Ex
  • 02-09-2011: CAC Leeuwarden (NL), Judge Piet Roosenboom:
    • Jada: I Ex, best youth dog
    • Isaak 1 Ex, RCAC and Dutch Champion
    • Ioko: 1 Ex
  • 01-09-2011: KCM, Dutch Clubmatch, Judge Mr. Lafleur
    • Isaak: 1 Ex
    • Jada: 2 EX
    IDC World Championship in Hungary 2011:
    • Isaak in open Class: 2Ex!
    • Jada in Youth Class: 4VG!
    • Aurora Von Ambassador IDC Jugendsieger. Aurora is a dog from Gerda De Ryck, breeder of our Dina; and Marc Van Herck, owner of Genius who is the father of both Isaak and Jada.
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